Cordell W. Hull

Founder -  Senior Advisor 


Cordell W. Hull is Founding Chairman (now Emeritus) and Senior Advisor to Infrastructure World.  He led the firm and its predecessor company from its creation in 1998 until his transition to Advisory status in 2016.

He is a retired director of Bechtel Group, Inc., the founder and former Chairman of Bechtel Enterprises, and a former Executive Vice President of the Bechtel Group. He is a former director of the Fremont Group, a Bechtel-related major investment company, and previously served on the Executive Committee of Fremont. Prior to his lengthy career with Bechtel, Mr. Hull was an executive with American Express and President of AmEx's 

merchant banking business. As an expert in the field of infrastructure project development and financing, Mr. Hull led those organizations into new direction and helped define private sector infrastructure investing. He also served as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the US Export-Import Bank, and as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

Mr. Hull's scope of responsibilities at Bechtel ranged from running major engineering and construction divisions, to creation of one of the world's most successful private sector infrastructure investment, financing and development companies. At Bechtel, he was Chairman of Bechtel Enterprises, which includes the Bechtel

Group's global project financing, development and investment activities, and ownership and operation of major projects worldwide. In that capacity, Mr. Hull was involved in the creation of US Generating Company (a leading private electric power generating company) , lntergen (a leading international power development company), and other privatized infrastructure development organizations, including privatized water, airports, pipelines, telecoms, and rail companies. He also had executive responsibility for various other Bechtel Group activities including finance, legal & insurance, treasury & controller operations and internal audit. He also Chaired Bechtel's Audit and Finance Committee. His previous positions in Bechtel included President of Bechtel Power, where he was responsible for Bechtel's global fossil and nuclear power business, and he was also previously the senior Bechtel executive responsible for Bechtel's civil engineering business, including ports and airports, rail and highway transportation, and building and infrastructure projects.

Prior to joining Bechtel, Mr. Hull was on the Board and President of C&I Girdler, International, an International engineering & construction company, and International Development & Investment Company, with responsibility for managing development, construction and project investments for international petrochemical projects. He was also President and Director of the American Express Company's worldwide merchant banking operations, and Chairman of American Express' Middle East development company. He was earlier associated with the law firm of Taft, Stettinius and Hollister. Mr. Hull served as a captain in the U.S Army Corp of Engineers (combat branch).

Mr. Hull graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with honors from the University of Dayton, and also was named a distinguished military graduate. He received a Master of Science degree in civil engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Juris Doctor degree (cum laude) from Harvard Law School, a diploma in economics from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and an honorary doctorate from Dominican College. He is a member of the Ohio Bar (inactive). He is a Registered Professional Engineer (MA), and a former licensed contractor (CA).

Formerly, Mr. Hull served as director of Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd., an international investment

company ; served on the Board of Gilead Sciences , an independent biopharmaceutical company, where he was also chairman of the Audit Committee ;chairman and director of Energy Asset Management, LLC; chairman of the Western Regional Council; chairman of the Pacific Basin Council of Dominican College; a member of the board of directors of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute); a director of Dillon Read and chairman of its audit committee; president of the American Society of Macro-Engineering; chairman of the International Engineering & Construction Industries Council; and a member of the Services Policy Advisory Committee to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.