Barbara Laflin Treat


  • President and founding member of IW executive team

  • Former Principal Vice President of Bechtel Corporation, VP Bechtel Enterprises and first woman named a Principal VP in Bechtel company history

  • Responsible for development of major infrastructure projects world-wide over three decades

  • Formerly Research Director - Harvard’s Kennedy School -Energy & Environmental Policy Center, Senior Editor Petroleum Intelligence Weekly and oil industry executive

  • Founding Chairman (now Emeritus) of IW

  • Former Director of Bechtel Corporation, President of Bechtel Power and founder of Bechtel Enterprises

  • Founder and former President of American Express’ worldwide merchant banking operations

  • Former Director – Dillion Read, Fremont Group and Darby International

  • Former Board Director - Gilead Sciences

  • Former Chairman, Advisory Board of US Export-Import Bank

  • Former Director of Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco

  • Former President and Board Director of C&I Girdler International

  • Deep industry experience in engineering, construction and major project development & finance


Cordell W. Hull

Founder - Senior Advisor


Christopher R. Sherman

Senior Advisor

  • Former Executive Vice President, and Managing Director, now Senior Advisor to IW

  • Co-founder and former President of Pacific Enterprises International (international development arm of then largest gas distribution company in the Western Hemisphere)

  • Former President of Pacific Energy, which built and operated geothermal, biogas, bio mass and hydro power projects

  • Financial services and IT industry executive

  • Former McKinsey & Company consultant