United States Clients

Services Provided:

Energy and Gas Infrastructure


Program Development for major NYSE-listed infrastructure investment fund, supporting state-wide gas utility asset



Seven years as consultant seconded to advise CEO and Board of statewide gas utility, and directly manage development of a completely revamped business strategy and fuel-production infrastructure program. Major activities included:

  • Developing of multi-phase, multi-year transition strategy to diversify from current manufactured fuel supply to natural gas (LNG) with all economic, commercial and technical analysis -- from concept through Board approval

  • Interfacing with regulatory and state planning officials

  • Integrating with regulatory bodies and other utility plans and state policy

  • Leading agency Interface (FERC, EPA, USCG, CBP, DOD, State & local agencies)

  • Leading multiple rounds of RFP solicitations, bidder selection and contract negotiations for three-phase program

  • Negotiating commercial LNG supply contracts, terminal contracts, offtake agreements and oversight of all third-party service providers

  • Developing marine fuel economics and off-taker outreach for marine fuel program

  • Conducting US DoD negotiations for potential terminal lease

  • Community and stakeholder outreach 

  • Providing extensive review of solar panel technology options and multiple facility siting and interconnect reviews in California, Nevada and Arizona

International Clients

Services Provided:

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Privatized Finance – Strategic Business Restructuring, Partner Identification and Personnel Training

For major Indian/international engineering and construction company​​

  • Advised CEO/Chairman and key executives for over 3 years on transition from primarily government contracting to privatized infrastructure project development, and the implications of that for contract structures, organizational structures and technical skills inventory. Worked with executive management on restructuring organization, program management and technical retraining, identified specific areas for project development focus and introduced international development partners in specific sectors.

  • For med-sized Indian engineering and construction firm

    • Supported CEO and COO for over 2 years in restructuring company for privatized infrastructure program development. Introduced potential development project partners around the globe, for projects in India as well as possible use of Indian firm for “outsourced” activities.  Conducted training and development for company’s program management resources.​​

Services Provided:

Strategic Business Opportunities Analysis and Implementation.


For major diversified Indian manufacturing conglomerate

  • Worked with Chairman and Board for over 3 years to identify strategic diversification opportunities, including: new construction-business opportunities internationally; development of renewable energy (solar) business and implementation strategy; clean coal technology business and licensing opportunity; and other process innovations associated with fertilizer manufacture and ammonia sourcing.
  • Extensive review of solar panel technology options and multiple facility siting and interconnect reviews in Rajasthan and elsewhere in India.