“Bob and I want to thank you for the truly outstanding job you have done in support of Hawaii Gas and the U.S. Navy.  Over the past 3 years we have had the pleasure to collaborate with you, Hawaii Gas and Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation.  As project lead for Hawaii Gas you developed a visionary and comprehensive strategy to improve energy resiliency in Hawaii.  Your knowledge of every aspect of the Liquified Natural Gas market is unparalleled.  You were always insightful, focused and responsive to every development. You set a consistently high standard of performance and you were available 100% of the time.  We cannot imagine getting through the strategic maze we faced without your steady hand, guidance and dedication.  We both would welcome another chance to work together in the future and thank you most sincerely for guiding our efforts in support of key clients.”

Honorable Dennis V. McGinn

Vice Admiral U.S. Navy, Retired; Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Board Member, Customer First Renewables


Robert Griffin

Vice President, Business Development CustomerFirst Renewables

Executive Director, Renewable Energy Program Office (Retired)

George Morvis

Former President, MIC Hawaii Holdings, LLC, holding company for Hawaii Gas

“Barbara’s unique combination of real-world experience, intellectual capacity and problem-solving tenacity allows her to deftly advance complex, large scale projects from concept to completion.  Always cognizant of the diverse, often evolving demands of competing stakeholders, her ability to innovate and adapt, strategically and tactically, to evade and avoid project dead ends and roadblocks serves her clients well.”

“Barbara has a long track record of taking on the hard assignments that often require technical complexity combined with evolving political and commercial requirements.  She finds the strongest partners and is relentless in delivering the best solution possible.”

Lex Wolf, Managing Director, Climate Adaptive Infrastructure Fund