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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The purpose of these Infrastructure Musings is to provide a forum for sharing our infrastructure related experiences and views with interested parties and provide a forum for exchanging views.

By “infrastructure” we mean those large physical structures and undertakings and interrelated digital and other systems which support our daily lives and activities. These include bridges, dams, power plants, commercial and industrial buildings, and many other structures in the areas of transportation, energy, communications, industry and more.

As you will see, these Musings are relatively short observations on matters of current interest to various parties connected with the infrastructure industry which could include financial institutions, governments, contractors, project sponsors, engineers and scientists, educators, insurers, the interested public, regulators and a host of other parties. Often these Musings will contain cross-references or links to other information or views including a book we are developing on current matters related to infrastructure and the many challenges and decisions that we face going forward.

Our expectation is to create a forum for the exchange of views on these Musings and other Infrastructure related subjects. We’ll be posting more on this soon

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